Planning Permissions

What do I need a licence for?
You need a planning permission licence for almost any adaption you make to your house and the licences are divided in to two categories

What are they?

"Minor works licence"
This application covers general works to your garden including raising of garden walls to within the legal requiremenst, paving, patios and anything without a major structure or that does not increase the habital living space of your property. this application can be made at the town hall but does need to be in Spanish and suppported with the appropriate scale drawings.

"Major works licence"
This application would require an architects project to be presented to the council and covers any work that involves new structures and increases the living space of your house. i.e garage, extension, tiled roof for shade and glazed areas.

How much will it cost?
Minor works licences can be obtained fairly easily and we can complete and present the forms along with application fee to the council at the prevailaing rate. the council will contact you by post once the licence is ready and you will then receive an invoice for the cost of the licence which is charged at a percentage of the cost of the works.

About Us

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